Awful Article 10 — Rejection

Rejection is a door closing on your face. Rejection is you trying to help, but get stabbed in return. It hurts, and no one likes that feeling. It makes us feel like shit. And we try to run away from it and hide into a cocoon of comfort zone.

Why does Rejection hurt?

In normal circumstances, we don’t like to be attacked. But when we trying to get something, for example a job and we get shot down. It literally means ‘You are not good enough’. And that is the feeling we avoid. Even though it may be that your skill set did not match the job, or you have less experience for the job, and so on. But we perceive it as a direct attack and do not like it for sure.

Sometimes, you are just attempting it knowing you won’t be selected. Here the reason might you want experience what is required from person with my set of skills and my years of experience, etc. So here your aim is not the job but just information in general.

So you might not be discouraged. But if you wanted it bad enough and you don’t get it, then it feels bad. As soon as we get the call, we start dreaming how is the new job, how much money I will get, bla bla bla.

We already start planning and at the end it does not turn out the way we wanted and we feel bad. Also if you are not trying to get the job, yet you get discouraged, then you need to get your shit together. It happened to one of my friends were she was applying for the interview without any preparation. Got rejected, and was unhappy. And not preparing for the next interview either. If you are doing this, get your shit together.

But if you actually tried and got rejected, don’t get upset it was worth a god damn try and sometimes it is all we can do. After all rejection are a simple sign, yelling out ‘I tried!!!’



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