Awful Article 13 — If you don’t speak, how will others know your problem?

Everyone has trigger points, when pushed we might go off. It can be anything from making fun of our appearance, or telling us not to do this or that and so on.

When these buttons are pushed we will let the gate open and flood our anger on other persons face. In the moment it feels good but after a certain point we regret it.

In these scenarios how do we control ourselves so we don’t hurt other person, if at all we care about them. Surely getting angry is not helping. It may feel good temporary, but we cant use that in all domains of our lives. Such behaviors may be entertained by our family and friends, but outside that circle, no-one will like it.

It is surely an immature way to deal with your emotions. Next time when you feels tangled into your emotions, try to detach from your emotions and think ahead before reacting. Think why this thing is affecting me. Why do I care about it so much.

Ask all the why questions and see what answers you get. See if it is worth reacting to. If it is not worth it, then why even bother. But is is important, then try to articulate your thought process to the other person. Tell them when you do these-these things I don’t like it and it make me feel like this.

Most of the time if you have articulated your point correctly, other person will understand your point of view and will keep in mind not to do it again. Communicate with the other person. Don’t bottle your emotions either nor let them out directly.



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Hello World

Hello World

Not a pro write — trying to figure out writing and being articulate — just a side gig — not expecting much from it except learning—Hope you enjoy your stay.