On the Spot Description 1 — The Fall of Icarus

This will be a on the spot description of any topic that I get my hands on. Today I will be describing an oil painting called ‘The Fall of Icarus’

The sun is beaming sunlight down on everyone. .New season has arrived. The farmer is turning the soil, so the rich nutrients come up again and the infertile soil will be buried in the ground. He is rejuvenating the soil.

Nearby, a Shepherd is taking care of a flock of sheep. The sheep are grazing around the area and not going away from the shepherd. Along with them there is also a dog with them. Both of them are gazing into sky.

Next the the flock there is a man fishing on the shore. On the ocean there are flocks of boats, headed towards the distant city. The city is covers with mountains on one side and ocean on another.

Apart from everyone on land, there is someone in water fighting for this breath. It’s sad to see, no one noticing that person.

Not a pro write — trying to figure out writing and being articulate — just a side gig — not expecting much from it except learning—Hope you enjoy your stay.