Short Stories 121 — Ethos of Man (Part 61)

While everyone was losing their heads, while Baley kept calm. He maintained his composure. He stated, “Your Majesty, you are correct, but at the same time, there is no denial in the fact that your kingdom is in a dire situation and we are willing to help you out here. That is the whole reason we came all the way here. And to make the treaty just, you have to make an equivalent exchange.”

Avier still furious, tried his best to control his anger and reply in a coherent manner, “Giving away our piece of land, just for a few coins and crops is exactly the opposite of just. That is far away from fair trade.”

While the discussion was starting to again proceed in a civilized manner, Opal had to say something to rile everyone up. He uttered, “Well all we are try to do is end the killing on the border that your soldiers have been doing for months and months.” And this comment wasn’t taken very well. It bothered everyone that was representing Renenberg. It was a straight-up lie what he had said. He indirectly meant that we were the culprits and were causing trouble on the border.

General stepped in. He stated clearly, “Well, the bloodshed never would have started if your citizen did not infiltrate our town if they did not illegally mine in our land and your barren hadn’t attacked our town and murdered everyone. And don’t try to say anything otherwise, because it is very clear that you have been aware of this and yet none of you did anything about it. And once we retaliated, you decided to fight back. As if you were asking to be provoked. And did I forget to mention the fact that, how shrewdly your people are pressing the border, leisurely capturing our land? And yet you sit here and talk that how you want to end the war when it was you who had set it in motion.”

Baley stepped in again, “If there was enough evidence for all these things you mentioned, there wouldn’t have been any problems. We can’t just take action just like that. And it is very unfortunate that how our relationship has torn apart by these unfortunate events. But you here have a choice to mend things together. We would become allies again and together we will be strong. You know it, General.”

Taylor said, “We would like to have our relationship pieced together, but we were the ones to took the bigger hit. Our men were killed. Our village was destroyed and our land was breached. And now you ask us to bend the knee. We have already lost enough and we refuse to lose more. And we will not give you Glazenvale.”

“So mean, you are ready to go to war”, Stern stated.

“If that’s what it takes then so be it, but we wouldn't like to go that route. We will be forcefully pushed to go there.” Oliver said.

“Oh! Stop it. You'll kingdom is in no state to fight. You have to be out of your mind to no see the situation your army is in. If things go down this road, you will lose. You’ll don’t stand a chance.” Stern replied after hearing what Oliver had to say.

“So you mean to say, we should just bear the unjust and let whoever do whatever they want to do. It is better to fight than taking it up the ass.” Oliver stated.

“So you mean to say, you are willing to lose your entire city than give up a small town. You are better than, Oliver.”

“As I said earlier, it is about standing up. We refuse the offer that you have put forward. If you are not ready to alter the treaty, we refuse.”

King Avier declared the same, “If this is the only offer that you are trying putting forward, we refuse. This will not be the case. So what do you want to do gentlemen, let us know.”

Baley at the end said, “Just as you, we too think that the offer you are making is not fair. And we also have nothing in return. So we are at a stalemate.”

“Then the summit ends here. The alliance that we wanted to make did not come to fruition. It was good talking to you gentlemen and I give permission to leave you as early as possible.” King Avier had spoken. The summit had ended.

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