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May 25, 2021

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Short Stories 144 — Ethos of Man (Part 78)

Corvin looked appalled, upon hearing Hector's story. He was stunned, unable to neither process nor talk. For the first time, he saw the person behind this strong man. This was the first time, Corvin got to look behind the facade Hector showed everyone. And he noticed he was a simple man, and just wanted a family that was taken from him a long ago. And that explains, why he takes care of his people so much. His men were always his priority, and Corvin knows why now.

“It is unfortunate that it happened to you, and I am sorry about it,” Corvin said earnestly and sincerely.

“It is part now,” Hector said while a single tear rolled down his right eye. He wiped it with the back of his hand and said, “So to bother you. I did not mean to ruin this beautiful morning for you.”

“It is completely fine. Now it explains why you take care of your men so much. You get angry with them because you care for them and that is it,” Corvin replied.

To which Hector replied with a smile and a nod. It was morning by now. He put his body weight on the sword and got up and said, “I think it is time to wake up these slackers.” And one by one he went to Arthen and Oter and pocked them with his scabbard and woke them up. “Wake up already. Are you both here to sleep all day? Wake up, we have a mission to complete.”

Oter woke up and sprang up suddenly like a cat caught offguard. While Arthen laid like a dead person but snoring. Hector reignited the fire. And they still had food for few days to come, so that wasn’t an issue. But the water was starting to drain out. They had to refill their pouches made from blader of animals. After a few pokes from Hector, Arthen finally moved a little. “Wake up you, bum. We have a long journey ahead of us.”

Arthen finally woke up and sat up straight. Upon looking around, realized that he wasn’t at home. And felt back on his think under-bed and hit his head in the process.

Breakfast was done. It was merely bread and nothing, much. Horses were tied around the tree and they grazed before the long journey. Everyone was once again ready for the journey. The group jumped on their respective horses and recommenced their journey.

Another entire day's worth journey had begun. The group carried on. Crossed the river. Pierced the forest on horses until they could nad walked when they couldn’t.

It was afternoon by and now and the journey was still not half done. The group persisted through the blazing heat of the afternoon sun, with the help of wet cloth on top of their head. The journey continued until the horses could walk. And since these are couriers, they could walk for a long amount of time compared to other horses. They could walk at least for 12 hours and there the best couriers could walk up to 14 hours based on the amount of load on them.

And finally, a halt was taken so that the horses could rest and the group. All the way, Oter, and Arthen couldn’t stop complaining about their arses hurting. And at the end, Corvin too was having difficulty sitting, even after changing positions multiple times. While Hector was doing this for this entire life and did not bother much. Only his back was starting to ache and that was about it.

After resting for an hour and having eaten food, the travel proceeded. They will be able to travel only for a while now as it was starting to get dark and during dark, it is very dangerous to travel. The danger is not only from animals like snakes and wolves but also thieves. And so they had to hurry and travel as much distance as they can. And so they did. They continued to travel until they were unable to do so. And once it was dark again, they rested again. And the entire group was happy to rest on the land that did not move.