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May 30, 2021

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Short Stories 149 — Ethos of Man (Part 83)

Hector was starting to lose patience. He tried to peak through whatever little gap he had through the door. But it was too dark to see anything inside. Hector wondered, How is this guy even alive. And the voice was getting louder to a point where Hector knew someone was inside. But he couldn’t figure out, whether that was an enemy waiting to pounce or what. He thought in his head and came to a conclusion that, if we're to be enemy, they would have already attacked as there were just 4 of them and 2 were just children.

He pushed the door wide open. And the old man fell on his bottom. And his head hit the floor. He started crying and aching in pain. Hector did not bother to pick him up. He entered the room and so did the boys. But for a minute all three of them felt pity for the old man as he bellowed in pain. Just from looking at the agony the old man was, they knew that something in his body was broken, but did not know what it was. As he turned and twisted, pain ran through his spine all the way up. And the more he moved the more he felt the pain and more he screamed.

Hector searched the house, while the boys tried to comfort the old man. And soon Hector came out and a little girl with her. The girl was crying as she wrapped herself around Hector’s leg. Hector looked at the old man with a certain fury in his eyes but did not bother to ask him anything, as he knew why the girl was there. The ropes were still strangled in his hands and the marks from the ropes were clearly visible. He commanded Oter to take the girl and both the boys outside. And close the door while they left. Hector was fuming and Corvin tried to calm him down, “Hector…”

But Hector was in a state of complete anger. He looked into Corvin’s eyes and said, “If you can guess what he has been doing to that poor girl, you too would kill this bastard. Right now all I want you to is go out. That is it.”

Corvin had no other option. Hector refused to listen. They did as they were ordered, everyone along with the girl went out. Hector looked at the man with sheer rage and walked towards him. He stepped on his left hand and put all his body weight on it. The old man was already in agony after breaking his hip that he did not feel anything will his hand was being squeezed. Hector went on his knees, bend grabbed his neck, and pressed it against the floor. “You sick bastard. How could you do something to such a small girl.”

Hector's eyes were red from rage while the old man’s eyes from breathlessness. The old mand had nothing to reply to. Tears started pouring from eyes like rainfall. He brought both his hands in front of his head and pressed them against each other, begging for mercy. And Hector squeezed his throat even harder. But after a while he released it.

The old man gasped for air. His face was pale and his eyes red. He whispered, “Kill me!” He said, “Kill me. Don’t let me live. Please have some mercy and put me out of my misery.”

Hector still furious, but looked at the man he had calmed down a little after looking at his state. His hip broken and probably will never walk again. Forget walking he will not even survive. Hector thought to himself. Looking at the man suffer, he felt peace. At first, he had made his mind to cut the old man’s head off. But now he came up with something even worse. He looked at the old man one last time and said, “Fuck you, you sick bastard. Rot in hell you son of bitch.” And with that, he walked out. And the old man’s cried even louder. His tears did not stop thinking about the rest of the very little life he has left. He will die on the ground like a rat. Hector closed the door of his house, but the voice still echoed in the entire vicinity.