Short Stories 217 — Writing Prompt 50

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You find a $100 bill on the street. A few blocks later, you find another. A few blocks later, another…

Lucky day

Walking with his head down, looking at the payment and dodging the oncoming people, without looking. He is having one of those bad days. Minding his own business, headed towards a friend's place. Walking slowly, as others rush around him. Wondering, “why do they live life like this, running from one place to another,” as he strolls on the street.

As he walks in a calm manner on the streets, internally the anger is burning as hot it can. Vexed after what his father had to say, it has pissed him off like never before. Anger has always been that one problem that he hasn’t figured out. There have been many issues that he managed to resolve, but anger has and is been one of the most challenging problems for him.

Deep down, once he is pissed off, he can’t function as usual. He will grit his teeth, clenching his fists, as his eyebrows are in a constant stiff while thing about things that anger him further. Knowing that he is going down this track, yet he can’t help himself. This was the first time, the argument had heated so much, where neither did he nor his dad back down. In the end, he decided to rush out of the house, otherwise, he did not know what would have happened.

He walked with random, thoughts going through his head, thinking things he shouldn’t. While thinking and walking, he noticed a $100 bill on the floor. All of a sudden his anger poofed away, as it was completely distracted that broke his thinking pattern.

“Is this a prank?” he asked himself. “What if it is a fake, and around the corner a cameraman comes with a YouTuber and says, it is just a prank bro.” He did not want to look like a fool. In the end, he went for it and picked it up. It was real money. “Maybe it is not as bad as I thought,” he said to himself. And continued his walk.

The $100 had brought a smile to his face. Not that he was in need of it. But the fact that he realized, the thought was the one factor that making it look too real, and bad. And it was the same in the case of his anger. He got angry will one incident, then he would think of things that did not and probably will not happen, and yet got angry thinking about it.

Now a bounce had returned to his walk and so had the smile on his face. The cloud of anger had suddenly lifted and he was back to normal. And as he walked ahead, he noticed another $100 on the floor. He couldn’t believe his luck. “What are the odds, of that?” he said to himself as he inspected it and realized that it is once again, real. He picked it up and put it in his pocket. The pocket got bigger and so did his smile.

As he kept walking, he saw a third and a fourth and a fifth bill. He knew something was up, but kept following the trail anyway. By now he was off his road, and way off his destination. He was no longer going to his friend's house. In fact, he was going where the money leads.

And, one after another he kept getting money. And he kept following. At this point, he was just curious, that what is going on. He knew something was up, but what and who is behind it was the really question. And he was about to answers to his questions.

By the time he picked up the ninth one, he knew what area he was in, and where the last bill might be. He turned on the corner and there it was, the tenth $100 bill, and it was right in front of the entrance. Entrance of a rival boxing gym. He knew something was going to go down, and he was prepared for it. He kept walking and soon he reached the 10th $100 bill. And as he walked closer to the entrance and the bill, he saw the people waiting for him.

It was the gym owner, the trainer, and his best fighter, along with other students. “Let’s have a sparring match, champ,” the trainer asked him. “You have already received your money, lets have a good sparring session. Nothing fancy nothing doggy, just boxing. What do you say, champ?”

“Why get me over here to kick your guy's butt, when there is an actual fight in few weeks? That seems like a really bad idea. Don’t you think?” the champ replied.

“Don’t worry about that, he will be fine. He is in the best shape, after all, he will fight you next.”

“That seems like such a bad match. After all, if I am going to fight, why would I show all my moves to you guys. Wouldn’t I keep them hidden?”

“We know everything about you and everyone that trains in your gym. And the same can be said by you guys. Let’s be honest, it is no secret, we have had this rivalry for decades now, even before you were in the gym. And …”

“I am not interested actually. Considering the rivalry, I may be helping you guys by sparring with your boxer, and that doesn’t seem like a smart idea. I am sorry, but I apologize, as can’t give you what you want. You can take the money that you gave me, you’ll need it.”

“Keep it. Maybe some other day. Have a nice day champ,” said the trainer and turned around to continue with their day. While the champ walked away with his money without causing any trouble. And as he walked, he knew something wasn’t right, but did not bother to think much as he was already tried and had to reach his friend's place, really so that he can leave early as there is a morning session at the gym tomorrow.

A couple of days passed after this incident. And he heard the news from his friend. Few guys had attacked him last night, but he did not get any serious injuries. He was able to escape, with few scratches. And the mina information was that the people that attacked him were from the rival gym.

Hearing that, the champ's blood boiled in anger. He knew they had crossed the line, it was time for payback. And having the heart of a champ, he knew he will be the one that will rain punishment on the enemy. After all, they had attacked his best friend. And with pure intentions to fight and take revenge, he charged to the rival gym, alone.

As he reached the gym and entered the gym like a mad man, the owner and the trainer as well as all the gym members, knew something was up. “What brought you here, champ?” as the trainer.

“You know very well, what brought me here.”

“So I am assuming, you are ready for a sparring match? I don’t really care, what is the reason that brought you here, I am just happy, thank you champ.”

“Don’t try to act smart,” said the champ with furious eyes.

The disrespect is not tolerated in the boxing world and the students took offense, as their trainer so insulted. “Do you want a fight bitch, just say it and we will make it happen. The ring is right here, or we can have it outside the ring, without any rules,” said the person their top challenger, who was going to be pitted against the champ in the sparring match.

This vexed the champ further. “You fucking cowards, think you’ll are good, attacking a single man, why don’t you fight me? You pussy.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but let’s settle this, in the ring, then.”

Champ accepted the invitation, after all, it was a free chance to beat the sit out of his opponent that he did not like at all. The champ walked into the gym as all the eyes were on him. Everyone had stopped their routine and looked at the champ as he wore his gloves.

The entire gym had gone silent, as no one was working, everyone was ready to witness a spectacle. The champ entered the ring and the contender followed him. Champ stood in the far corner of the ring, whereas the contender stood in the nearest corner, where his both trainers were standing. Match hadn’t even begun, and the trainers had started giving their boxer tips. While the champ stood in his corner, looking dead into the eyes of his opponent. He did not need any tips, he was already a phenomenal boxer, with strong basics.

Both men got in position and occupied the center as soon as the bell rang. Both of them looked good in the ring, after all, they had years and years of experience. Champ started testing the waters with jabs. These were one of the quickest jabs in the town and even the state.

The contender knew that the champ was explosive power, but he too was impressed. He knew what he was dealing with and it excited him further than scaring him away. The jabs started flying from both the boxers. But the champ’s weres superiors. They were quicker, more powerful, and more vicious overall.

The number of jabs and feints increased from the Champ. He portrayed like he was going to throw a punch, but that was just a distraction. The actual trick was that he was using that to cover the distance with baby small steps. And once he was close enough, he landed a solid double jab and a straight t fro the right. The combo was hard. But the champ did not stop, he continued applying pressure and they a massive right hook, breaking the contender's guard, but the punch did not his face. It got deflected.

The contender was overwhelmed by the power of the champ, and to his surprise, it was just the beginning. As the champ, started going off with a barrage of punches, pinning him in the corner. The contender did not get a free pass outside and he finally had to fight his way out of it. And in the process managed to land a right hook to the champ.

The hook did not do the damage, but it pissed off the champ even further and after that, the champ did not give him a chance. After that moment, one after another, he kept throwing jabs and combos and managing to land most of it. The defense of contenders was being broken left, right and center. Yet, the contender kept his ground. He did not back up, he knew and was prepared for a brawl.

Once after another the rounds passed by. The 7 round sparring match felt like ages for the contender, as he was only in the 4th round. Yet, he somehow managed to be on his feet and not hit the canvas. This in itself was an achievement. But, each passing minute felt difficult for the contender, as he was reaching his tank. While the champ could do this for another 7 rounds.

By now the contender knew the level the champ was at, and how long he had to go in this career. The body shots from the champ were going the magic, as it was depleting the gas tank of this opponent. By now the champ's opponent was done and within the next few seconds, the fate of the match will be decided. And with a massive right hook, the champ closed the deal.

The contender's face hit the canvas and the audience was still shocked, seeing their best fighter getting destroyed.

“You should have stayed away from my boy. You shouldn't have attacked him. Now you pay the price,” said the champ.

“What are you talking about, we did not attack anyone.”



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