Short Stories 221 — Writing Prompt 54

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3 min readSep 11, 2021

You know a friend is hiding something and you need to find out what it is before it puts you in danger. How do you find out what their secret is?

Lost Friend

Being the punctual guy in the friendship, you have already reached the restaurant. Being in a new place, your eyes dart around the place. Looking at the people the atmosphere, and judging everything in between. An old habit no matter how far you leave behind always returns. And within few minutes, you get bored, and start looking at the watch, waiting, wondering, “How long is he going to take?” And once again, you get lost in the habit of looking at people and figuring what is going on in their head, as well as in their life.

After waiting for a while, as you were about to call your friend, he walks in. The bounce and the swing, that he once had is missing. “He hasn’t been the same for quite some time,” you said to yourself. The back that used to be straight is not hunched, and shoulders falling off. “He is not the same anymore.”

You using your a good friend, use your super ability, and have already looked and analyzed him. And have already a conclusion ready, without talking to him. As he came, you both smiled at each other and hugged, just like any other meetup. He proceeded to order whiskey right away and sat on his chair. Happy or sad, he surely is a whiskey lover, just like normal days.

And the conversation started flowing. Smiles on both your faces returned, and happiness is all around the table. Jumping from one conversation to another, and one glass to another. And once in a while, his face changes and the sadness oozes out again for a second, and seeps back in, covered by a smile.

You try your best to touch the subject, but can’ find the entry and keep rolling with the punches. Sometimes the gaming talk takes over, or the sports news, and once in a while taxes and investments. But in there somewhere is a topic that is getting lost, or it is actually being knowingly avoided.

And just like that, an hour has passed. Unable to grab the opportunity, you decide it is time and the talk should take place. “You had asked for my details last time. What had happened? What did you need it for?”

You put it out there, waiting for an acknowledgment, which never came. He tried to dodge the question, “It was nothing…Anyways did the…”

“Don’t try to dodge it. I actually want answers,” if you need any kind of help, I am here for you, but you have to let me know.

He knew there is no way out and has to let you know, otherwise, you want to let it slide. “I am in a problem, in a big problem and I you know I can’t get stuck in such situation, so I asked for your documents, as it won’t be traced. In fact, it cannot be tracked.”

“What is wrong with you, and what kind of shit you are stuck in?”

“Money laundering… and the situation is bad, and I am sorry, but I may have involved you in this…”



Hello World

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