Short Stories 224 — Writing Prompt 57

Hello World
3 min readSep 20, 2021

You spot a shooting star and making a wish. Only the star looks like it’s getting bigger and bigger. Suddenly you realize it’s actually falling straight to earth.

Golden Shower

The first thing you see is your friend’s stupid face as he jolts you aggressively out of your slumber. “5 minutes!” is your response, is all your ask. You could hear him repeat your words with a smile, but after hearing the words, “Are are already late to the club,” you realize, there is no time to sleep, and spring out of bed.
Within a couple of minutes, you are the one who’s waking your friends that have fallen asleep, peacefully, after smoking the devil’s lettuce. All it took is another couple of minutes for everyone to get ready, get on their bikes and reach the destination. The best club in the city, after the nightlife, is what we came there to enjoy, and we aren’t going to miss it at all.
And within an hour, you are at the counter, ordering the round of beer for all the boys. Reaching the table, your friends are snatching the bottles for you and your friend’s hands and they have already headed to the dance floor. And your head into the ground, there is only one thing going in your head, “It has been a while since you destroyed the dance floor, and today, I am not leaving it until I am dragged out.”
Once in the crowd, everyone is hypnotized by the music and without any care in the world, everyone is grooving to the music. Music, so loud, you can’t hear another person, right beside you. But that is not required, in complete darkness, as the light flashes, you can see the pure happiness and joy in your friend’s eyes, and so does he, and you both know, this is trance.
Hours and hours have passed. Your body hurts, but yet you aren’t content, and you keep ongoing. The precise dance moves have turned into sloppy ones, but it hasn’t lost the touch, it feels the same as you had entered. The crowd slowly starts to die out, as people pass out or head out before falling on the floor, in the comfort of their hotels, and soon it is time, to turn off the music. You and your boys enjoy the last track as much as you can, happy that it happened and sad because it ended.
The club may be closing, but the night is still young. At 3 AM, all the boys head to the beach nearby. It is the last day, and you want to extract as much as you possibly can. Puffing on the hooka that you ordered, as you looking the sky, and make a ring, you see something through the ring, a shooting star. You show it to your friends and do not believe in such things, yet you close your eyes, take a deep breath and you make a wish.
Gently opening your eyes, the shooting star, became a little bigger. A couple of seconds later, it again got a little bigger. And soon it seemed to be breaking apart, the massive fireball was breaking into smaller, and it is then you realized that is a golden shower of death.



Hello World

Not a pro write — trying to figure out writing and being articulate — just a side gig — not expecting much from it except learning—Hope you enjoy your stay.