Short Stories 23 — Locked in a Cage (Part 3)

I am out of the house, yet trapped in the woods. In which direction should I head to escape this place? Where do I find my friends? How long until the person noticed I have escaped and will he chase me?

A plethora of questions were popping in my mind. I was facing the building and heard a noise from the bushes. I was nervous. A shadow stood, which was hiding in the bushes. Out of terror I took a few steps back. I though this is the end. This is where I will get stabbed, or get hit in the head with a bat, or maybe chainsawed in half or if the captor doesn’t give a fuck, he might even shoot me disregarding the load noise the gun will make. The shadow walked towards me. And soon I was able to see his face.

“Shhhh! Its me Shubham. Don’t make any noise. He will here us.” said the Shubham

The level of anxiety had peaked and as soon as I saw his face. I was disappointed a little to be honest. I would have rather seen the captor instead of this fuck. He is my friend and goddam I facing hate him. He is one of those friends, who will be with you even though do don’t want them.

I looked at him and said, “What the fuck are you doing here.”

He replied, “When we were together, I went to pee and later while I was coming back I saw you guys were being attacked. I hid from those guys. And I am here to save my friends”

“Oookayyy and now what?”

“I saw those guys.”

“So there are multiple captors?”

“There are two. The two I saw who it you and Nihal in the head.”

“Okay so there can be more. But for now there are two of them. And two of us.”

We hid in the bushes for sometime. Waiting for anyone of them, so we can ambush. While waiting Shubham shared more information about these people. He told there were wearing masks. One has a pig mask and the other one has a wolf mask. And the one with the wolf mask is probably the leader because he was ordering the pig.

Hearing about the wolf mask made me uneasy. As I knew, there was a captive wolf and maybe that is what his destiny is. I could not stop thinking about it. And somewhere I decided to release the captive animals from their cages and release them into the wild.

We waited there for a while. It felt weird. As if no one is around. We did not hear any footsteps in the house either. No one was walking in thee house. Maybe they were out hunting animals or worst more people. I wanted to get out of there. I asked Shubham, “Do you know the way out of this jungle as you were the one who lead us into this shit.”

He replied, ”I have been in this woods before, but not in this part. I remember the trail but we are far from were we started and now I have lost track of direction as well. I do not know how far away we are from were you guys got captured. If I knew the direction I would have gone out and gotten help for you guys.”

Not a pro write — trying to figure out writing and being articulate — just a side gig — not expecting much from it except learning—Hope you enjoy your stay.