Short Stories 36 — Mysteries of the Town (Part 4)

After successfully flirting and ordering the pizza I returned to the table. Was chatting with Dhruv and noticed these two guys looking at me. At first I thought it was a coincidence. So I ignored them. So our order arrived and we dived head first into the pizzas.

While eating, I kept glancing at them and it seemed like one of them was always watching me. It was starting to get weird. The more I saw at them the more they stared at me. The more I noticed them, more they got uncomfortable and more I got on my edge. After point a point, both of them talked a bit and stood up. They walked towards our table.

“Hello sir. Are you the same person that went missing the other day.”, one of the guy with hat said.

“Yes.”, I replied.

“Do you remember anything about it.” The other guy with shades asked me.

“Who are you guys? And why are you interested in this topic?” I questioned out of curiosity.

On with he hat replied, “We are government officials. And if you need any help let us know.” After saying that, they started walking towards the exit.

“What are you names? How will I find you? You did not give me your number or anything” I said to them.

“We will be around.” Guy with shades replied without looking back.

And they left the building leaving me perplexed. I looked at Dhruv and he looked at me. I said, “What is going on with this place?”

And he just nodded his head saying, I don’t know.

I looked at the table they were sitting and they left their half eaten order. It did not make sense. This town gets weirder and weirder, day by day. I am glad I was not alone. And if things like these keep happening again and again, I would stop roaming in this town alone. That is how scared and confused i am at this point. They completely ruined my pizza mood.

We were done. Dhruv almost single handedly completed the order for two. As I last my Appetite. We paid the bill and headed home. And the worst thing is I couldn’t see Maya before leaving. “Man. The day was going good until those two showed up.”

“Forget them. Don’t stress about it.” Dhruv replied nonchalantly.

“It is not these guys that are troubling me. It’s these situations. Things keep getting weirder each passing day.”

“You are taking things to seriously. Don’t worry. And stop stressing out about these small things. Maybe you are overthinking with the missing incident. Chill out. We are here for you. Don’t worry”

“Okay.”, it was a bit relaxing after hearing that. “Maybe you are right. I am thinking way too much. Lets head home.” After that we got in Dhruv’s car and we headed home. On the way I told not to talk to mom or dad about anything that happened at the pizza place. They will get stressed even more. They are already a bit tense with the previous incident.

Not a pro write — trying to figure out writing and being articulate — just a side gig — not expecting much from it except learning—Hope you enjoy your stay.