Short Stories 61 — Ethos of Man (Part 1)

Summer has begun. And so has the war with the neighboring country. All the men have gone to the battlefield. They dragged those who did not want to go either. Just to increase the number count. While the men were on the battlefield, the women are running the city. The majority of the responsibility of running the town are being handled by women. Farming, running the trading shops, and whatnot.

no one knows how long this war will go on. The last great war had lasted for 8 years. This great war 50 years prior. And now it another season of war has begun. We are unaware of the situation but all we know is that the neighboring country has violated a treaty. Our king tried to bring peace without war but they seem adamant about it. And so nation our has declared war on with them.

It is very unfortunate as the issue is not resolved through democracy. As of now a large number of lives will be lost on both sides. A large number of men will fight for their nation, two armies will collide, and all in will in bloodshed. No matter who wins the war, both nations will be paralyzed for few years after the war.

The streets look empty. Everyone is on the battlefield, whereas the remaining are in their houses. Till yesterday I did not know these things. It was today when I woke up to my dad’s tears. I woke up and saw my dad was crying while yelling, “No. Don’t take me. I will be of no use to you. I cannot fight. Please let me be here. I will do”. The soldier had grabbed him by this shirt. He said, ”What a pathetic coward you are. Stop whining. We are ordered to take every man who has all the limbs and not too old to fight. And you are clearly can fight. So stop all the crying and come with us.”

I was scared as I had no idea what was going on. I looked at mother and she was in tears. The soldiers dragged my father out of our house. He was crying out loud, “I have a family I don’t want to die. Please let me stay here.”

To this, the soldier replied, “You will do a favor to your family by fighting in the war.” And kept dragging him. While he was being dragged, he looked at me. All I saw was fear in his eyes. Out of embarrassment, he looked down. He wiped his tears. He told the soldiers, “Let me say my final goodbye to my family.” The soldiers let him stand up. He came to us. He looked me in the eye and said, “I may be a coward, but you are not my son. I want you to live your life.” and then he hugged me. He looked at mother and said, “Don’t you worry I will return. Until then take care.” With that, he left with the soldiers and never looked back.

Not a pro write — trying to figure out writing and being articulate — just a side gig — not expecting much from it except learning—Hope you enjoy your stay.