Short Stories 72 — Ethos of Man (Part 12)

Arthen was on the ground. And he was hurt. The guy replied, “Do you finally understand the difference between us kid. Now apologize to me and I will let you go.” The man had finally calmed a little. This ego was fortified by a small victory against an 11-year-old kid.

“Fuck you,” Arther replied with sheer rage. “What! You little shit.” the man swung his sword at Arthen while he was on the ground. Arthen rolled on the floor to his right. He slashed at him. And the man barely dodged it with a cut on his left arm. That enraged him further. This time he did not go a massive slash. He kept attacking Arthen but they weren’t that powerful. He was attacking with little more than medium strength. And was probably waiting for an opening.

Arthen was holding his ground very well. But at one point he closed the distance. And Arthen got clipped on his right arm. The sword fell from his hand. Blood started pouring from the cut. The man raised his sword for the final swing. I had to interfere. His attention was on Artheen. So I got a free attack. I went for his primary hand. At his point he was furious. He threw the sword at me with his bleeding hand.

I barely was able to dodge it. As it wasn’t directly hurling at me. But by the time I looked at him he was already on my face. He grabbed my right hand. Disarmed me. And started punching my face. At one point I remember he started throwing elbows. I was bleeding badly.

Just in time, I saw a sword on his neck. “Stop or I will cut open your neck, Siar.” Beth came to the rescue. The man stood up. He was angry. His eyes were red. “How are these little shits. Why do you even bother with them? ”

Beth looked at me and then looked back at that man. “Why are you hurting these kids.” “Kids. These little shits tried to kill me. And you better not take their side. All I asked them is to return the swords. But they attacked me.”

Beth replied, “Am I supposed to believe that?” He stepped back. “You know what, I am done with this shit. I don’t want you as a leader. YOu are not a good leader at all. The number of men that died because of your stupid decisions is uncountable. My men died just for your cause. That righteous beliefs of yours are not doing any good. All it is doing is brings deaths around us. Everything was good before you became our leader.”

“Get out of here before I paint the floor with your blood,” Beth replied. He picked up his sword and walked out. Before leaving he said, “I hope you die, Bitch.” and left the room. She picked me up. And took me to her room. She did the same for Arthen. And she went out. And within few minutes came back with a doctor.

Not a pro write — trying to figure out writing and being articulate — just a side gig — not expecting much from it except learning—Hope you enjoy your stay.