Trying to be Articulate and Learning to write

How am I ? and why I am here ?

Before jumping into other topics that, lets cross the basic question out. I am a Software Engineer and the only reason I am here is to not only improve my communication but also give a try at writing.

For some reason I am pulled towards it. So I am here on medium to write random things I may like to write or it may be about technical stuff just to keep a record or to share the information.

My English is not very good as you may have already figured out from the previous paragraphs i have written and you’ll most probably find a lot in the upcoming stories. So ya, that was just a rough background that I wanted to mention.

I am not a professional writer and if you are looking for mind breaking stories this may not be the place your looking for. This place is just for errors and butchering English language and maybe learn how to write, form sentences, learn and use new words, and build my vocabulary along the way.

While you are here, hope you enjoy your stay.